moving tips for planning packing and preparing to move

Moving Tips to Plan, Pack and Prepare for Moving

Moving is a process that requires organization and planning. These moving tips will ensure a safe, efficient and economical move!

Step 1: Eliminate Unwanted Items

The first step in the moving  process should be the elimination of unwanted items, disposing of unwanted, and unnecessary items will alleviate clutter and free up space for packing and organizing. We all tend to accumulate unused and unnecessary items, moving is a perfect excuse to get rid of all that “stuff” just taking up space and cluttering your life. Once you’ve freed up some space, you can then begin the process of packing and organizing. This will help you save time, and money on your moving costs by having less to move. Additionally, the sale of unwanted items can help supplement the cost of moving.

Step 2: Pack like the pros

The packing process is an essential component of moving. A variety of sizes of cardboard boxes and other suitable containers is helpful in the packing process. Small, medium, large and extra large, are the most common sizes. Choose the appropriate size box for different types and weights of items – small for heavy items like books and tools, medium for glassware and dishes, large for lamps, pictures, pots and pans, and clothing, extra large for bedding, toys, and sporting equipment. Pack carefully with like items in each container, be sure the boxes are full and solid. Careful packing eliminates the chance of any damage during the move. Pack room by room and wrap fragile items for additional protection. Label each box specifically, avoid using terms like miscellaneous or last minute items. Be sure to seal the boxes with packing tape and organize by size to save time on moving day.


Boxes specifically designed for moving can be found at home improvement stores, truck rental centers, or from online retailers. Check with your local mover for these and other essential moving supplies like wardrobe cartons for hanging clothes, mattress bags, bubble wrap, packing paper, and of course, tape!

Step 3: Organize, Organize, Organize

Organization is a critical aspect of the moving process; whether you are moving yourself or hiring professionals. Organize boxes by size and weight, in each room, line them up separate from the furniture and other incidental items. Most professionals will go room by room when loading the truck. Going room by room saves time when loading and helps with the delivery, allowing you to settle in quickly to your new home. Sporting equipment or garden tools can be taped or shrink wrapped into small bundles. Brush off outdoor furniture and lawn equipment in advance.

Step 4: Prepare for the Move with Careful Planning

Thorough planning includes flexibility with contingencies for weather, postponements and other unforeseen circumstances. Children and pets require additional consideration. Medications and essential paperwork should be handled personally. Make travel plans and other arrangements ahead of time. Keep a calendar and make adjustments as needed.


Take care of yourself and your family and keep your eye on the prize – your new home! Utilize these essential moving tips, and eliminate the stress of moving. AAggo Movers is here to help with all aspects of your move, for more information or to get a quote click here.